How to Start Your Own Valet Trash Business

In today’s world, many people are looking for ways to start their own business. One option that is becoming increasingly popular is starting a valet trash business. A valet trash business provides a much needed service to apartment complexes and businesses by picking up the trash and taking it to the dumpster for tenants.

This is a great way to make some extra money while providing a valuable service to your community. Here are some tips on how to start your own valet trash business:

1) The first step is to find an apartment complex or businesses that would be interested in using your services. You can do this by contacting the management of these properties or by simply going door-to-door and asking if they would be interested in having their trash picked up for them.

2) Once you have found a few potential customers, it’s time to put together a proposal outlining your services and pricing structure. Be sure to include information about what sets your business apart from others like it and why tenants should choose you over other options.

3) Once you have put together your proposal, it’s time to start marketing your new business! Create some flyers or postcards advertising your services and hand them out at the properties you’ve identified as potential customers. You can also promote your business online through social media or online classified ads.

4) Finally, once you start getting customers, be sure to provide excellent customer service! This will ensure that tenants are happy with your service and continue using you in the future.

How to Start a Valet Trash Business?

  • Make a business plan- this will include what services you will offer, your operating hours, and your pricing structure
  • Find a location for your business- this should be an area with high foot traffic and near residential areas
  • Purchase the necessary equipment for your business- this includes things like trash bags, gloves, and signage
  • Advertise your business to potential customers- let people know about your new valet trash service through flyers, social media, or word of mouth
  • Start picking up trash! Be sure to follow all local laws and regulations regarding waste disposal in your area

Valet Trash Startup Cost

If you are considering starting a valet trash service, there are a few things you need to take into account when it comes to startup costs. First, you will need to purchase or lease a vehicle that is large enough to hold all of the trash bins you will be collecting. You will also need to purchase insurance for your vehicle and employees.

In addition, you will need to pay for uniforms and marketing materials. The average cost of starting a valet trash service is between $10,000 and $20,000. However, if you already have a suitable vehicle and some start-up capital, you may be able to get started for less.

If you are providing valet trash service in an apartment complex or other multi-unit dwellings, there may also be fees associated with setting up service in these locations.

How to Start Your Own Valet Trash Business


Is Valet Trash Profitable?

Valet trash is a service where someone picks up your trash from your doorstep and takes it to the dump for you. It is a popular service in apartment complexes and gated communities. Some people think that valet trash is not profitable because of the cost of hiring someone to do this service.

Others believe that it is a necessity in order to keep the complex or community looking clean and tidy. Here, we will explore both sides of the argument to see if valet trash is truly profitable or not. On the one hand, some people argue that valet trash is not profitable because of the cost of hiring someone to do this service.

The average hourly wage for a valet worker is $9-$10 per hour, which can add up when you factor in gas, insurance, and other costs associated with running a business. In addition, there are also fees associated with dumping the trash at the landfill. When all of these factors are taken into account, it can be difficult to make a profit from providing valet trash services.

On the other hand, others argue that valet trash is necessary in order to keep the complex or community looking clean and tidy. A well-kept community or complex will attract new residents and help retain existing ones. This can lead to higher property values and more rent revenue for landlords or property management companies.

In addition, happy residents are more likely to refer their friends and family members to live in the same community or complex, which can further increase profits over time. So, what’s the verdict? Is valet trash profitable?

While there are arguments on both sides of the issue, we believe that ultimately it depends on each specific situation. If you have a high-end community or complex that requires extra care to maintain its appearance, then investing in valet trash services may be worth it in order to keep your property values high and attract new residents.

How Do You Write a Trash Valet Proposal?

If you’re in the business of waste management, you know that one of the most important aspects of your job is making sure that trash valets are properly equipped to do their job. A well-written proposal can make all the difference in getting a client to sign on the dotted line. Here’s how to write a trash valet proposal that will get results.

First, start with an executive summary. This should be a brief overview of your company and what it does, as well as what you’re proposing. Be sure to include information on your experience and success managing similar projects.

Next, provide some background information on trash valets and their role in waste management. Explain how they can help reduce waste and improve efficiency in garbage collection. Include statistics or case studies to back up your claims.

Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of your proposal. Outline the specific services you’re offering, including frequency, duration, and price. Be sure to address any concerns the client may have about using trash valets, such as liability or safety issues.


Valet trash is a service where trash is collected from individual apartment units, usually on a weekly basis. This can be a great business for those who are looking to start their own business with a relatively low investment. Here are some tips on how to start your own valet trash business:

1. Research the market – Before starting any business, it’s important to research the market to see if there is demand for the service you would like to provide. In this case, you would want to research the apartment complex market in your area to see if there is a need for valet trash services.

2. Create a business plan – Once you have determined that there is indeed a market for your services, it’s time to create a business plan. This should include things like your target market, pricing structure, and marketing strategy.

3. Get insured – Every businesses needs insurance, and this is especially true for businesses that involve collecting and handling people’s trash. You will need liability insurance in case something goes wrong and someone gets hurt while using your services.


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