How to Start a Firewood Business

How to Start a Firewood Business

Starting a firewood business is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to make some extra money. You can start small, with just a truck and chainsaw, and grow your business as demand increases. Here’s everything you need to know about How to Start a Firewood Business: 

First, you’ll need to acquire the necessary equipment.

A truck or trailer is essential for transporting the firewood, and a chainsaw will make quick work of cutting it into manageable pieces. You’ll also need gloves, safety glasses, and chaps or other protective clothing to keep yourself safe while working with the saw. 

Once you have your equipment, find a good source of wood. If you have access to your own land with trees that can be harvested, that’s ideal. Otherwise, look for sources of fallen timber or contact local tree service companies to inquire about purchasing their unwanted wood.

How to Start a Firewood Business Step By Step Guide 

  • Research the market for your firewood business
  • Decide if there is a demand for firewood in your area and what price you could charge for your services
  • Create a business plan for your firewood business
  • This should include start-up costs, marketing strategies, and how you will generate revenue
  • Choose a location for your business
  • If you are selling firewood door-to-door, consider the areas with the most foot traffic
  • If you are operating out of a physical store, choose a location with high visibility and easy access to potential customers
  • Obtain the necessary permits and licenses to run your business legally in your area
  • Check with your local government to see what type of permit or license you need to sell firewood commercially
  • Purchase supplies for your firewood business, including wood logs, Kindling, Firestarter’s, and other tools necessary for chopping and storing wood safely
  • 6 Set up an online presence for your business by creating a website or social media accounts where customers can learn more about your services and purchase firewood

So You Want To Start A Firewood Business?


Firewood Business Plan Template

If you’re considering starting a firewood business, you’ll need a solid plan. A firewood business plan template can help you get started. Here’s what you need to include in your template: 

  1. Executive Summary 2. Company Description 3. Market Analysis 
  2. Sales and Marketing Plan 5. Operational Plan 6. Financial Plan 

Executive Summary: The executive summary is a brief overview of your company and your plans for the future. It should include your company name, location, contact information, and a short description of your products or services. 

It should also outline your target market, marketing strategy, and sales goals. Finally, it should discuss your financial needs and projections for the future. Company Description: 

This section will provide more details about your company, including its history, mission statement, and any relevant industry information.

Is a Firewood Business Worth It?

There are many things to consider when starting a firewood business. The most crucial factor is whether there is a demand for firewood in your area. Other considerations include the cost of materials and equipment, time and labor required, and any necessary permits or licenses. 

A firewood business could be very profitable if you live in an area with a cold climate and lots of trees. Firewood is a renewable resource that people will always need for heating their homes. The key to success is ensuring that your wood is dry, clean, and cut to the correct size. 

You’ll also need to have good customer service skills and be able to deliver the wood promptly.

How Much Money Can I Make Selling Firewood?

To make money selling firewood, you will need to find a reliable source of wood and have a way to transport it. You will also need to determine the going rate for firewood in your area.

If you can find a reliable source of wood, you can expect to make between $200 and $400 per cord. 

A cord is defined as 128 cubic feet (4′ x 4′ x 8′). It would fill up a standard pickup truck bed to give you an idea of how much wood that is. To maximize your profits, it is best to sell your firewood during winter when demand is highest.

You can also sell bundles of smaller pieces of wood which are perfect for kindling. If you package and market your firewood correctly, you can profit from selling this valuable resource!

Can You Make Money Selling Firewood Bundles?

Yes, you can make money selling firewood bundles. The amount of money you can make will depend on some factors, including the quality of the wood, the quantity of timber you have to sell, and the price you charge per bundle.

If you have a lot of high-quality firewood to sell, you could make a significant amount of money.

How Much Money Can You Make With a Firewood Processor?

Assuming you’re asking about a wood-burning stove, the amount of money you can make with a firewood processor depends on the cost of your materials and how much time you’re willing to spend harvesting and processing wood.

If you own your own land and have access to free or low-cost trees, your potential earnings are higher. If you’re buying firewood from a third party, your profits will be lower. 

The average cord of firewood sells for around $100, though prices can vary depending on location and demand. A complete cable equals 128 cubic feet (4′ x 4′ x 8′), so if you’re selling by the cord, you’ll need to harvest and process enough wood to fill that volume. Depending on the size of your firewood processor, you can expect to produce anywhere from 1-5 cords per hour. 

Of course, other costs are associated with running a firewood business, such as fuel for your equipment, insurance, storage fees, etc.

But if you have a steady supply of customers willing to pay for quality firewood, it can be a profitable venture.


Finally we learn How to Start a Firewood Business? This blog post covers the basics of starting a firewood business.

It discusses the equipment needed, where to source wood, price your product, and market your business. Anyone can start a successful firewood business with some hard work and dedication.


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